Food Trends for 2016 – Part Two

Food Trends for 2016 – Part Two

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It was wonderful receiving your messages about Food Trends for 2016 Part One. Let’s continue the delicious journey into 2016. As you know identifying and sharing food trends is one of my favourite parts of my business! Now, get ready to check out the food trends I have lined up for you in Part Two.

Fermented Frenzy

Fermented FoodsI’ve been writing about fermented foods for half a decade and this food trend is continuing for 2016. With many fermentation festivals and workshops popping up, plus increased consumer interest in their digestive health, there is an overwhelming support for the popularity of fermented foods.

Dating back to the Egyptians with records of both beer and bread making, fermented foods are among humanity’s oldest attempts to preserve food. Japanese and Koreans have always included a variety of fermented foods such as miso and kimchi on their menus. Now it’s all about getting more gut healthy foods on your menu. And it’s not just about improving your intestinal microbiome and health. There’s emerging research that links gut health to immune and brain health. Happy gut, happy mind! Enjoy my top five fermented foods for your 2016 menu: 1) yogurt; 2) kefir – a fermented milk drink; 3) sauerkraut; 4) kombucha – a tangy, fermented, sweetened black or green tea; and 5) kimchi.

Stylish Beverages

Craft Beer

Saskatoon Berry Beer_Fort Garry June 2015 (3) (292x640)The craft beer sector is exploding in Canada and the USA. Drinking tastes continue to evolve and diversify and people are looking for something more than a basic lager or pale ale. Fruit flavoured beers appeal to foodie customers who are seeking out different and more interesting tastes to pair beer with food (from appetizers to desserts). The continued popularity of specialty beers is paving the way for a new crop of craft beer-makers, and spin off craft products such as hard ciders (fermented apples, closer to wine but sold in beer formats).

Alternative Water

First it was coconut water, then it was maple water, now it’s birch water. These alternative waters are trending due to their uniqueness in a Plain Jane sector. Plus some are claiming nutritional benefits including high antioxidant levels and electrolytes to appeal to fitness consumers and people wanting to hydrate with more energy promoting properties. The research is still emerging on these health benefits, so stay tuned to this interesting trend.

Matcha Green Tea

It’s been over five years, I’ve been writing about matcha and it’s an everyday drink for me. It has been part of my morning ritual since 2010. According to the Sage Group, U.S. retail sales of matcha green tea powder reached about 55% in 2014. And with the popularity of the tea category in both Canada and the USA, I predict it is full steam ahead for matcha in 2016. Tea is known for its healthy antioxidant properties, calming qualities and being a very social beverage. All are supporting the continued growth of the entire category. More reasons to enjoy a cuppa everyday!

Can’t get enough food trends for 2016?
Stay tuned for Part Three and the final blog in my 2016 Food Trends series.

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