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My passion for food and nutrition has been part of me since I was knee get to know Janehigh to a grasshopper. “I’ll have a side of creamed carrots with my meal,” I said at the age of six when we were ordering at the Charcoal Steak House. The waitress was surprised but my family wasn’t! The fact is that was just one of the many signs of my inner foodie at a very young age.

My mother, a home cook involved me in baking at an early age in our family kitchen. We made date squares, chocolate chip cookies (my favorite) and carrot muffins together. This led to my great enjoyment of baking and always tasting the recipe as you go!

My love for science in high school was recognized by an incredible biology teacher who thought outside the lesson plan and nurtured my interest in the biochemistry of food and nutrition. That was it, I was hooked – my university choice would involve food, nutrition and science, I was going to study to become a dietitian at the University of Guelph.

With an incredible passion for food and nutrition since graduating, I have traveled the world embracing different culinary cultures. I am thrilled to share my wonderful food experiences in my writing, blogging, speaking and when I consult with you.
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About Jane Dummer
Besides having a passion for food and nutrition, I have the entrepreneurial gene as part of my DNA. I have owned and operated my food consulting business for the past 15 years. Our mission is to strategize with companies, associations and corporations for valuable solutions from the pod to the plate.

My company is committed to our clients’ success whether it’s managing an agri-food project, developing a healthier food product, assisting with government funding, strategizing to increase revenue, offering a credible voice to a media campaign or implementing workplace wellness solutions.

When we partner with your team, our passion for food travel, agriculture and quality ingredients are translated to the projects. My team and I look forward growing your business and delivering successful, innovative solutions and results.