Staying Fit and Energized over the Holiday Season Part Two

Staying Fit and Energized over the Holiday Season Part Two

Thank you so much for all of the positive feedback regarding part one of my holiday fitness routine. Now it’s time for staying fit and energized over the holiday season part two!

Travelling:  Pack it or Take it Outside

When I travel to friends for overnights and longer stays during the holiday season, I never forget my jump rope, running shoes and workout clothes. This helps me stay on track with my fitness program while allowing me to indulge a few times during the visit. I also love to ignite new healthy holiday traditions with my friends. Why not plan a night of ice skating at an outside rink?

If a friend’s cottage is on my holiday schedule, I make sure trail walking, hiking, snowshoeing or Nordic skiing is part of that time away. It’s a beautiful time of year to be outside enjoying the winter wonderland while staying fit and energized.

Fit Body, Fit Mind

I know if I get into a lazy routine over the holidays, dealing with the inevitable extra food and added holiday stress becomes more difficult. Although the holidays are considered a time of rest and relaxation, busy schedules and commitments can hinder my healthy habits. That’s why I have these fitness hacks in my back pocket, helping me to keep up my energy and sweat out some of those extra calories.


My final two healthy habits to promote fitness over the next three weeks are vital to surviving the holidays: get sleep and stay hydrated! I need at least seven hours of restful sleep every night. It’s an important part of staying fit over the season. Just because I have more opportunities to stay up late over the holidays doesn’t mean I partake in all of them. I’m selective of how many events I commit to and how late I stay up. To stay hydrated and energized for the fun and busy times ahead, I make a habit of filling up my water bottle whenever I leave the house. Drinking water gives me an energy boost and helps me feel fuller, so I’m less tempted to over-eat at parties and functions.

And remember, you can never “out exercise” an unhealthy diet. Fitness and health are crucial to a more energetic and less stressful holiday season. Enjoy your time with family and friends and I look forward to catching up and chatting with you about your fitness plan in 2018! 

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