Energize with Exercise over the Holiday Season

Energize with Exercise over the Holiday Season

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Each year it seems the holiday season starts earlier than the previous year. Can you believe I have two Christmas parties this weekend – one work related and a friend’s open house. So many people put their exercise routine on hold from the end of November to the beginning of January. Trust me; it’s easy to get into a lazy routine over the six weeks of festive celebrations. However, with the inevitable extra food and added holiday stress, exercise is the best way to keep up your energy and blast away some of those extra calories. Let’s explore my top tips to energize with exercise over the holiday season.

1. Take 10

Wake up 10 minutes earlier, take a 10 minute break from your computer, laptop or tablet and take 10 after supper to exercise. Ten minutes of power walking three times a day (inside or outside) can lower blood pressure and can energize your mind and body. All you need is a good pair of walking boots or running shoes. Then it’s as simple as walking before breakfast, after that conference call, mid afternoon or after supper!

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2. Take a Friend

Ignite a new healthy holiday tradition. Instead of getting together over candy cane hot chocolate and holiday goodies, invite your friend to join you for your favourite class at the gym or studio. Then go out for a healthy, hydrating lunch. Remember every effort counts! I recommend making the most of the time you have with friends to boost your energy.

3. Take it Outside

If your holiday schedule is not allowing you to get to the gym for your individual workouts, then stay motivated by choosing activities that get the entire gang involved, such as touch football, walking, hiking, skating, skiing and snowshoeing.

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4. Take it with You

Remember your fitness and nutrition strategy is part of your everyday life. If you’re traveling to friends and family over the season pack wisely including a jump rope, running shoes and workout clothes. This will help you to stay on track while allowing yourself to indulge a few times during the visit, rather than making excuses as you’re slumped over on the sofa in a food coma. Your body and mind will thank you for it!

Energize with exercise over the holiday season with my simple tips. And remember, you can never “out exercise” an unhealthy diet. Keep in mind my lifestyle equation for energy, practice healthy eating and good sleep habits, and most of all have fun exercising with friends and family over the season!

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