On the Go Snacking Ideas for Spring

On the Go Snacking Ideas for Spring

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I’m back in the office after a very successful SIAL Canada show in Toronto last week. One of the hot topics I presented with a panel of industry experts at SIAL was Snacking and Mini Meals Innovation. The panel concluded that the traditional eating pattern of three meals a day is no longer meeting the lifestyle habits of many people. As a business owner of a growing venture, I never experience the same schedule twice. With that in mind, I know firsthand it can be challenging to stay on track with a healthy lifestyle.  I believe it’s important to lead by example, so here are my on the go snacking ideas for spring.


Benefits of Healthy Snacking

Snacking occasions are going beyond the indulgent treats of popping open a bag of chips or cookies, and are being replaced by sensible fuel. Healthy snacking can increase satiety (feeling full), stabilize blood glucose levels and provide nutrient dense energy throughout the day.

Snacking Ideas for Spring

Everyone is very busy and on the go these days, therefore, I want to give you a few ideas on how you can prepare healthy snacks on the go, to maintain good heath as you navigate through the day.


Remember to plan. I recommend setting aside 5 minutes each night to prepare your snacks for the next day.  Bring along nutritious foods to have and leave at the office so you can have balanced snacks ready in a flash. Put a cooler in your car in the spring, summer and fall months to maintain proper temperatures of refrigerated snack foods.

Spinach Salad

Spring Forward Snacks

The days of the carb loaded muffins, donuts and unhealthy bars are long gone for this group of people waiting to maintain a healthy lifestyle. These snacks need to have nutritious attributes including being protein positive, having healthy fats and quality carbohydrates.

Here are some of my spring favourites to get you started:

Final Thought

While being health conscious, people are gravitating towards purchasing “grab and go” options. My recommendation is to prioritize time to plan and make your snacks. Create as much as you can from scratch and purchase nutritious options with quality protein, fat and carbohydrates when you’re not able to make them at home.

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 Jane Dummer is a registered dietitian and expert in food and nutrition. Jane serves as a consultant to the food and beverage industry, including Rogers Foods.


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