SIAL Canada 2019 Roundup

SIAL Canada 2019 Roundup

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SIAL Canada is the only tradeshow aimed at professionals in food processing, retail and food service. It provides a one-of-a-kind opportunity in North America where you can meet with an unparalleled number of clients and prospects from the food industry at large. With over 1200 exhibitors, 18,500 attendees from 50 different countries, the 2019 SIAL Canada show was a complete success. I’m thrilled to share my SIAL Canada 2019 roundup with you including the SIAL Innovation Contest winners, and my time in the SIAL Expert Hub at the Enercare Centre in Toronto.

SIAL Innovation Contest

I was pleased to be part of the prestigious SIAL Innovation Jury. Ahead of the show, about 115 products were in contention for the award, which were filtered to just 25 for us to evaluate. As the jury, we identified the top 10 finalists entered into the SIAL Innovations Contest.

The winners of the Grand Prizes were announced on the first day (April 30) of SIAL Canada. The Gold, Silver and Bronze winners will receive free space at each of the SIAL Network’s exhibitions for 2019 and will equally divide $20,000 given by Nielsen.

The recipients of this year’s 2019 SIAL Innovation Grand Prizes were:

  • Gold winner: Vegan Keto Buns by UNBUN Keto Foods (Ontario, Canada)
  • Silver winner: Raw Vegan Cookie Dough by Yummy Doh (Quebec, Canada)
  • Bronze winner: ICE Coffee oat based beverage (Ontario, Canada)

Personally this one was my favourite out of the top three with its creamy smooth texture and rounded taste. With its interesting eco-friendly packaging and being shelf-stable it checked many innovation boxes for me as a jurist and consumer.

Congratulations to all the innovate products at SIAL!

Jane-Dummer-Answers Questions as a SIAL Expert Panel

SIAL Expert Hub

SIAL identified experts to respond to specific topics in order to support your business development and tradeshow experience. I was honoured to be part of the SIAL Canada unique expert network for the third year in a row! As the Health Expert, I led panel discussions about 1) Plant-based Eating from Soil to Shelf 2) Innovations in Snacking and Mini Meals and Shelf-stable Probioitics and Gut Health. The first two panels were standing room only! Plus I was a panelist in two other conferences 1) Buzz Words, Compliance and Regulations for Tea and 2) Fighting Factory Food: The Shift to Personal Produce.

Jane-Dummer at SIAL Answering Questions on Camera

That’s a Wrap

All in all, it was interesting to observe the food trends evolve from just three years ago when I was first in the hub. Plant-based, single-serve and healthy were more popular than ever from the Innovation Contest and Exhibits to Conferences and Panels. Overall, I made excellent connections, had loads of productive discussions and new business is on the horizon. It was an incredible time at SIAL. I want to thank the organizers for an outstanding event!

I’d love to share my extensive food, nutrition, health and industry know-how at your next conference, event or symposium. Contact me to find out more!

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