Food Trends for 2017 Part One

Food Trends for 2017 Part One

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Happy 2017! It’s that time of year again when food and nutrition trends are making headlines. We are getting predictions from all types of media including me. Identifying and sharing food trends continues to be an important and entertaining aspect of my business. Let’s explore my favourite food trends for 2017 part one.

What the Heck is Poke?

Poke, pronounced as POKAY, is a raw fish salad bowl originating from Hawaii. Even though we were introduced to this trend in 2015 with the explosion of Buddha Bowls and the emphasis on eating more fish I predict the poke trend to continue into 2017. There are nutritional benefits for eating poke as it is high in omega 3 fatty acids good for brain, heart and immune health, plus it’s high in protein. Poke has traditionally been made with soy sauce and sesame oil and yellowfin tuna(1) which is high in vitamin B12 and selenium making this a smart fast food option!

People ask me about eating raw fish because of foodborne microorganisms and possible mercury levels. To which I respond, “Choose where you source the tuna carefully as it is served raw and if there are not proper handling and temperature controls from the supplier and during transit, there is a risk of foodborne illness. Generally the yellowfin tuna used in poke doesn’t have a high amount of mercury and mercury is only poisonous in high doses.” Unless you’re avoiding raw fish due to pregnancy or another reason, it’s a healthy delicious meal you can easily enjoy a couple times per week.

2016 Trends Continue: Jackfruit, Seaweed and Fermented Foods

I predict the trending food I’ve written about in the past few years including jackfruit, seaweed and fermented foods are expected to continue their popularity in 2017. We know vegetarian and flexitarian (choosing more plant-based) dietary patterns are continuing to trend 2017. As the trend data continues including the hashtag #vegan noted as one of the top foodie categories on Twitter in 2016 and social media turning out the next celebrity talking about being a vegan, we are observing the potential of vegan and vegetarian foods to include even a larger base of consumers which presents an appealing opportunity for the food industry from the entrepreneur to multi-national companies.


Plant Power 2017

Professional Chefs will continue to be plant-focused in 2017 featuring plant-based foods as the centre of the plate in interesting ways that even meat lovers will be inspired to try! The preference for whole, simple, alternative protein and transparent ingredients will drive continued growth for seeds, nuts, grains, pulses, vegetables, and fruits to be planted on both home and restaurant menus.

Seeds are no longer the nutrition or culinary dark horses. Consumers, restaurants and food companies are exploring with chia, flax, hemp and pumpkin seeds. From decreasing inflammation to promoting heart health; their outstanding nutritional properties are just one of the reasons why seeds are trending this year. Don’t forget about the flavours and textures they add to your recipes too! Get my e-book The Need for Seeds available via Amazon to sow more seeds into your 2017 menu!

chia seeds

Can’t get enough Food Trends for 2017 Part One? Stay tuned for Part Two
featuring more of my favourites!


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