Food Trends for 2017 Part Two

Food Trends for 2017 Part Two

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Are you enjoying a delicious start to 2017? At the beginning of a new year, I love checking out what’s hot on the food scene and what’s making a culinary comeback. I look forward to trying out new foods and ingredients at home and at restaurants, to keep me current for my business. I hope you enjoyed my favourite food trends for 2017 part one! Now, I’m thrilled to share with my Food Trends for 2017 Part Two.

What the Heck is Nooch?

Nooch, also known as nutritional yeast, is considered to be deactivated yeast and is known for its cheesy taste. The term nutritional yeast does not sound that appealing, nor am I jumping to attention to get this ingredient on my own menu. However, I’ve had increased questions about it from my clientele and they tell me it’s more delicious than it sounds. Trend watchers are predicting nooch will make a leap into more mainstream sectors in 2017.

Used as a vegan condiment, nooch is touted in the media to have a complete protein profile (contains all essential amino acids), B vitamins, fibre and related health benefits. Well designed clinical trials are needed to substantiate the direct health benefit claims of nooch for weight management and diabetes prevention. As a health professional, I always caution my clients, friends and family about adding increased dosages of the latest trending food ingredient. I recommend adding it to the diet in small increments which is simple to do with nooch as it’s used similarly to parmesan to season foods for a flavour booster. Enjoy experimenting with this one and keep your eye on the emerging research.

Food Waste Reduction 2.0

I first wrote about food waste two years ago for my Huffington Post column on turning imperfect vegetables into delicious meal options. In spring 2014, Intermarché, the third largest supermarket chain in France, developed an imaginative marketing campaign, Inglorious Fruits and Vegetables, to sell so-called inferior produce at a 30 per cent discount. Farmers have sold more of their crops, consumers have had smaller grocery bills and Intermarché has increased its business. The trend continued into 2016 with consumers, restaurants and food companies “giving ugly a chance” and creating innovative ways to use rejected produce for new tasty menu options.

Now for 2017 food waste reduction continues to be part of a larger sustainability theme of how to decrease all environmental inputs across the entire food value chain. It is important to consider the many pieces of that equation including water usage, farming practices, carbon footprint, packaging, and recycling. Consumers, particularly millennials, are attracted to mission-based companies committed to sustainability, high animal welfare standards and transparent business practices. In 2017 it will be vital for the food industry including manufacturers, retailers and restaurants to implement food waste reduction practices and communicate this to their customers.

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Street Food-Inspired Dishes

Each year, the National Restaurant Association (NRA) surveys nearly 1,300 professional chefs – members of the American Culinary Federation (ACF) – to explore food and beverage trends at restaurants in the coming year. The annual “What’s Hot” list gives a peak into which food, beverages and culinary themes will be the new items on restaurant menus that everyone is talking about in 2017. According to the survey, menu trends that will be heating up in 2017 include poke and street food.

The first time I had street food beyond a hot dog or sausage on a bun was when I was traveling in Eurpoe and Turkey after University. Then again on my first trip to NYC in 1999. The NRA survey suggests street foods serve as a gateway to other cultures, people and places. Yes it does! Consumers get to discover flavours of local foods from faraway places and chefs get to create their versions of the ultimate dumplings, tempura, or kabobs. That’s an inspiring delicious trend for 2017!

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