Food and Nutrition Trends for 2018 Part Two
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Food and Nutrition Trends for 2018 Part Two

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Thank you for your great feedback about my first Food and Nutrition Trends blog in this two part series. Now for Food and Nutrition Trends for 2018 Part Two, I’m thrilled to share with you my three favourite trends that will take centre stage this year.

Drinkable Vinegars


In part one I explored the continued trend of gut health for 2018. Gut health can be linked to our immune system, heart health as well as our mental health. As you watch for new functional beverages and on-the-go drinkable soups with both pre-and probiotics, the latest trendy beverage on the block is drinkable vinegar. Are you ready to drink what is typically a salad dressing ingredient? Let me know! We still need more conclusion research on the health benefits, so keep an eye out for substantiating studies in the area of digestive and immune health when it come to this trendy beverage.



I love crunch! I’m always adding seeds, nuts, and crispy fruits and veggies to my meals and snacks. In my December Bakers Journal column, I discussed texture being created by a change in pressure or sensation in our mouth making the eating occasion more interesting. In baking, it is most commonly created by adding ingredients that produce crunch. It can also be generated from ingredients that fabricate crispy, creamy, bubbles and even heat from spices. A delicious meal has a balance of flavours and textures. Mintel is predicting texture to be the latest tool to engage the senses and deliver share-worthy experiences this year!

Mintel is suggesting the quest for experiences will provide opportunities for multisensory food and drink that uses unexpected texture to provide consumers, especially the teens and young adults of the iGeneration, with tangible connections to the real world, as well as moments worth sharing either in-person or online.


Vertical Farming

With my business tagline Pod to Plate, I embrace the idea that vertical indoor farming is on trend! With its efficiency, it’s bringing more farms closer to where people live, reducing expense and environmental impact. People want a connection with the foods they eat; they want to know where foods come from – it’s part of being mindful. Happy planting, growing with nutrition, harvesting and eating!

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