Simple Hacks for Holiday Fitness

Simple Hacks for Holiday Fitness

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Fitness and health are crucial to a more energetic and less stressful holiday season. You can never “out exercise” an unhealthy diet. And many people put their exercise routines on hold from the end of November to the beginning of January as they indulge in festive celebrations. Let me give you a few simple hacks for holiday fitness to keep you energized over this busy time of year.

A photo of Jane-and-Fitz-at-Gym-2018Cardio: Two Ten-Minute Intervals Daily

Squeezing in gym time with ample activities already on my plate can be difficult this time of year. Once my workday is complete, I begin to get ready for evening events, which means there is even less time available for the gym. To offset this, I commit to going to boxing class every Saturday morning and I pack in as much exercise as I can during the week by waking up 10 minutes earlier and taking a 10-minute break from my laptop during the workday.

Exercise in the Morning

During this busy time, I wake up 10 minutes earlier and fit in a 12-minute boot camp express workout in my living room. Once I have committed to the exercise in the morning, I have more energy for the rest of the day. And remember as little as 10 minutes of daily cardio exercise can lower blood pressure, plus exercising in the morning energizes my mind and body.


On the Road

The holiday season can be filled with a number of longer excursions and road trips. Take a 10 minute break from driving, put on a good pair of walking boots or trail shoes and walk – fast! It’s as simple as setting a schedule, pulling off the road to a park or area with sidewalks and walking. Ten minutes of walking three times a day can lower blood pressure and boost both your mind and body.

Fit Body, Fit Mind

I know if I get into a lazy routine over the holidays, dealing with the inevitable extra food and added holiday stress becomes more difficult. Although the holidays are considered a time of rest and relaxation, busy schedules and commitments can hinder my healthy habits including both sleep and hydration.

To stay hydrated and energized for the fun and busy times ahead, I make a habit of filling up my water bottle whenever I leave the house. Drinking water gives me an energy boost and helps me feel fuller, so I’m less tempted to over-eat at parties and functions.

Keep these simple fitness hacks front and centre and you’ll have energy and even sweat out some of those extra calories this holiday season!

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