Simple Hacks for Fall Fitness

Simple Hacks for Fall Fitness

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We all need some simple hacks this time of year, especially if we’ve been playing hooky from our regular fitness routine over the summer. I know I did less power walking due to the extreme heat and having an extra busy office schedule in August. Fall is the perfect time to refresh your healthy habits, so let’s take a look at my three simple hacks for fall fitness.


Get Outside

It’s such a beautiful time of year with the cooler temperatures and crisp air to enjoy walking, biking hiking or even yard work like raking leaves. Did you know you can burn up to 150 calories in 30 minutes cleaning up yard, plus you have just completed another activity on the never ending to-do list. What about planning a visit to a local farm to pick apples or wander the corn maze with the family? We often have a gal pal weekend in Muskoka when the temperatures have been warm enough for a swim in the lake! We make sure to walk the trails and canoe to get in some exercise while enjoying the beautiful season. 

Get Up Earlier

If the shorter days have you abandoning your evening walk or jog, change your habit to work out in the morning. I find as it gets darker earlier this time of year, the comfy sofa is staring me down in the evening! However, in the mornings I have more energy and less temptation to skip my workout. Set your morning alarm 20 minutes earlier to start. Identify a single fitness goal to get started and stick with it three times for that first week, then gradually build upon it. Getting into a routine of working out in the morning will give you more energy throughout day and I guarantee you will start to miss it the mornings you don’t workout.

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Get Your Motivation

I often feel September is more like the start to a new beginning than January 1st! This time of year, I find there is a general back-to-school and back-to-work vibe that screams structure and scheduling. And isn’t it better to have your exercise routine in place before the festive eating of Thanksgiving, Halloween and the Christmas Holidays approach. Jumping back into your pre-summer exercise routine will require motivation. You need to consider what the best motivator for you is personally. I know I will feel great after a workout and that is enough to get me back on track! Maybe you need the buddy system, or a fitness app or start an exciting new activity. Whatever it is – know what motivates you and use it to enjoy your fall fitness!

Final Thought

All it takes is some tips and planning to stay refreshed and rejuvenated with your fitness this fall. Practice my hacks, add a few of your own and by the time Thanksgiving rolls around, you’ll be ready to deal with the festivities of eating extra, family gatherings and change in routine.

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