Fall into Healthy Habits

Fall into Healthy Habits

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I’ve always loved using the change of seasons as motivation to set new goals. For me, the shift from summer to fall is a good time to take inventory and see what small changes I want to make to my habits. The global pandemic has forced everyone to make changes – like it or not. I recommend as we transition out of the pandemic, take control, and stay motivated by recommitting and setting new goals. Let’s explore how to fall into healthy habits this autumn.


Shift your Mindset

The covid crisis has created an environment of uncertainty from global lockdowns and vaccine distribution to reopening protocols and international travel. These changes have put an increased stressful impact on routine life. When it comes to getting motivated to build on our healthy habits, it is essential for us to change our mindset and get away from negativity.

Why not change your attitude with the season change? If your to-do list is long and unmanageable, shorten it to the three highest priorities. Instead of focusing on all the things we still can’t do because of the pandemic, shift your mind, and think about what is possible. For example, I love traveling. However, because international travel is still uncertain and complicated, I decided to try a new activity this fall – winter. Curling! Yes, I’m making my debut on a sheet of ice mid-October. Something I haven’t done since high school. Most importantly, it is leading me to look forward to a weekly social activity and a healthy, happy routine for both my mind and body.

JaneDummer_MorningJog2Use the Buddy System

When it comes to fitness, especially during the pandemic and as we transition out, I found it helpful to have a fitness buddy. As we move into autumn, the mornings are darker, and the days are shorter compared to the summer. As a result, you may want to abandon some of your fitness activities.

Using the buddy system as a fitness partner is ideal for maintaining motivation and accountability. Especially when you want to ditch that evening walk because it’s dark and chilly. Getting outside in nature with a friend when the cold temperatures hit will help you stay motivated and achieve your fitness goals this fall. Having a buddy by your side while exercising is not only good for your body, but your mind too. Take a moment after each workout with your buddy and focus on how good you feel and reflect on the positive energy running through your mind.

JD-Woman-Sleeping-SleepGet Restful Sleep

I’ve been an advocate for restful sleep for years. As more and more devices began infiltrating our lives, I predicted sleep would be affected. Also with the pandemic, our house became our 24/7 office, and entertainment space with very little change of scenery. As a result, many people were releasing stress in that accessible kitchen, rather than focusing on healthy habits that help with stress management including restful sleep.

Now that fall is here with the cooler temperatures and shorter days, we naturally may want to sleep more, but make sure it’s restful and not boredom sleep!  When you don’t get enough sleep it can cause an increase in ghrelin, the hunger-promoting hormone, and a decrease in leptin, the hunger-suppressing hormone, making you crave more food than necessary.  Sleep is just as important as healthy eating and fitness!  Therefore, get at least seven to eight hours every night. Set a sleep routine and stick to it.

Fall into Healthy Habits Final Thoughts

We have had a lot of change upon us over the past 20 months which has shifted our state of mind altering our routine and habits. Fall is perfect to recommit and set new goals using my three tips, plus your own interests. When we are in a happier state of mind, it propels us to be motivated to move forward. Enjoy this transition time building your healthy habits!

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