Anuga @Home Trendspotting

Anuga @Home Trendspotting

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Remember in late spring when I was thrilled to be one of forty contacts invited to the North American Virtual Media Luncheon for Anuga 2021? Well, last week Anuga took place in Cologne Germany for the in-person and digital event. There were over 4,600 exhibitors from 98 countries and over 70,000 visitors from 169 countries! Unfortunately, I did not travel for the in-person event, however, I participated in the well-received Anuga @Home digital trade fair. This Anuga @Home Trendspotting explores my top three trends, I discovered while attending the digital platform.

Jane Dummer Innova Shared Planet

Shared Planet

The idea of the Shared Planet trend is built upon global wellbeing. Wellbeing does not just include human health anymore; it includes animal and planet health. Consumers are thinking critically about what they put in their bodies and that includes ascribing a much deeper meaning and connection to the food they eat – the who, what, where and stories of the why behind the foods they are purchasing.

During Innova’s Top Ten Trends 2021 & sneakpeek 2022 presentation, Global Insights Director Lu Ann Williams identified that this year, their top global trend has shifted from Health to Shared Planet. It builds upon health and focuses on how everyone can play their part in shaping a sustainable and prosperous future. Global consumers value trust and transparency. They want to know the story behind the food and drinks that they buy. As a result, there is rising consumer demand from brands for transparency of the product life story, including sourcing ingredients, processing practices, the label and packaging.

JaneDummer_FishPeas&BeetRootBeyond Plant-Forward

Moving beyond the initial launches meat and dairy alternatives over the past decade, the time has come for top chefs and product developers to work together. Most importantly, they need create new, interesting and delicious plant-forward products and meals. Innova calls it a Canvas for Innovation. And I couldn’t agree more!  In the foodservice sector, popular restaurants have changed completely to plant-based menus. Stemming from the poor taste and texture of some of the initial plant-based meat and dairy alternatives on the market, consumers worldwide are craving completely new and different in the plant-forward space. I discovered many plant-forward innovations for both vegans and vegetarians during my Anuga @Home Trendspotting. This allows for food options to be personalized to consumer’s individual diet and lifestyle, even if you are a flexitarian.

Check out my friend and colleague Donna Berry (who was in-person at Anuga) who did a great job of highlighting the plant-based theme throughout the 11 Anuga halls in her blog and the article she wrote for Food Business News.

Jane Dummer Contital Anuga CulinaryCommunication Shift

Product communication is not a one size fits all. Younger consumers don’t want to be told or educated; they want to be part of the conversation. As a result, the art of storytelling needs to be top of mind for brands marketing to consumers under the age of 35 years. This group is focused on ethical and environmental issues; therefore, communicators should collaborate with them to build confidence. Personal and planetary health is evolving as we see in Shared Planet. Consumers want to eat well and do good – they are seeking to be part of products that not only nourish their body, but actively contribute toward a better food system.

The term Ethical Consumerism was used during the show. It resonated with me because it emphasized how the younger generation views food. With the need for it to match their lifestyles and personal brands. Therefore, companies should find common ground in marketing, social media, and other communication outlets where these consumers are spending their time. Then have the conversation and tell the story about their products.

Final Thoughts of Anuga @Home Trendspotting 

Anuga @Home was one of the best digital platforms for ease of use and organization I have participated in over the past 20 months. It provided me with excellent insights and inspired me with the global food innovations. I long-miss the essential personal encounters with in-person events and I look forward to resuming international travel in 2022. Hopefully attending Anuga 2023 in-person!

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