Our Mind-body Since the Pandemic

Our Mind-body Since the Pandemic

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Uncertainty is like indecision; it can create havoc on our mental and physical health.  The covid crisis has created an environment of uncertainty from global lockdowns and vaccine distribution to reopening protocols and government choices for their citizens. This change has put an increased stressful impact on routine life. A recent survey conducted by TricorBraun found there have been consumer behaviour shifts due to the covid crisis. As a result, both Canadian and American consumers are taking more nutritional products as preventative health measures since the onset of the pandemic. Let’s dive a bit more into our mind-body since the pandemic.

bigstock-Workers-eating-fruit-and-salad-65775559Feel Good

A spotlight has been shone on our mind-body since the pandemic. Uncertainty, restrictions, and changes in habits have all lead to people feeling the stress impact on their everyday lives. More than ever, consumers are looking for natural ways to manage stress and anxiety. Nutrient dense foods are vital in maintaining and thriving mentally. And more specifically, certain nutrients play critical roles in supporting our cognitive and mental state. Earlier this year, I partnered with my client Algarithm Ingredients in Saskatoon to write about the benefits of Omega-3s. This nutrient is not only significant in cognition, but it has the potential to aid in depression, anxiety, and mood disorders. Other significant nutrients to nourish your noggin include choline, B vitamins and ones found in nootropics.

As we navigate post-pandemic life, everyone can use a little self-care indulgence. It has always been my philosophy, if you’re going to eat a treat, make it a good one. Treats can be part of a healthy, balanced diet for the average person in good health.  In my recent Final Proof Column that I write for Bakers Journal, Stéphanie Brillouet, Marketing Director – Northern Europe & North America, Délifrance describes, “Indulgence, taste and treating are the key reasons that consumers opt for pastries, and viennoiserie is the ideal answer for those looking for permissible indulgence – after all, health and wellness in the Covid era is also about self-care.’

JaneDummer-Food-Traceability-ImageSpecific Health Needs

We have talked a lot about immune health and gut health since the start of the pandemic. The survey conducted by TricorBraun identified the top three reasons for purchasing more vitamins, minerals and/or supplements since the onset of Covid-19, as to support immunity, balance daily nutrition and  prevent new health conditions/illnesses.

We know food with specific nutrients like vitamin D can make a big impact on our immune health resulting in our overall mind-body health. This was a topic I discussed when I was interviewed by journalist David Orgel for Drug Store News. A well-functioning immune system can protect us from health concerns.

JD-Woman-Sleeping-SleepBottom Line

Our mind-body, since the pandemic, has been through a lot. Most of us are trying to stay positive amid the health and economic uncertainties. Eating well and staying active is more important than ever as we navigate beyond the global pandemic. Stay hydrated, get restful sleep, manage stress, have a fitness plan, and most important have fun and feel good!

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