Simple Hacks for Summer Fitness

Simple Hacks for Summer Fitness

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Don’t ditch your entire fitness routine this summer.  I know I can easily put my fitness routine on the back burner when I’m relaxing at friends’ cottages and taking mini road trips. We all need some simple hacks for summer fitness this time of year, especially if we’re playing hooky from our regular routine. There are a number of ways you can stay on track with your fitness goals while enjoying the warm weather, including swimming, hiking, Frisbee in the park with your kids and 10-minute intense exercise routines.

Get Up Earlier

With the longer days, it’s usually cooler in the mornings to take it outside with for that power walk, swim or jog. In the mornings, I have more energy to workout compared to leaving my fitness activities to the evenings.

Set your morning alarm 20 minutes earlier to start. Identify a single fitness goal to get started and stick with it three times for that first week, then gradually build upon it. Getting into a routine of working out in the morning will give you more energy throughout day. I guarantee you will start to miss it the mornings you don’t work out and you don’t want to feel sluggish throughout the day.


On-the-Go Fitness

If you’re in vacation mode and on the road during the summer months, your usual, local routine may not be possible.  Consider a few high intensity 10-minute body routines.  This is often a welcome habit after a long day of travel. Remember every effort counts!

Mix it up with cardio and strength exercises. For example, include jumping jacks, burpees, planks, push-ups and sit-ups. If you’re at the cottage or camping bring along your jump rope for skipping. I recommend making the most of the time you have at the park, hotel, campground and cottage to boost your energy.

Stay Hydrated

Hydration is important all year round, especially in warm weather because being hydrated keeps the body from overheating. Did you know being dehydrated can leave you feeling tired, confused and cranky. The best way to beat dehydration is to drink before you get thirsty. This means to remember to drink hydrating beverages and eat hydrating foods before, during and after activities to maintain your energy in the warmer months. 

Prioritize Sleep  

Let’s not forget about getting enough Zzzs! Sleep is an important piece of my mind-body healthy lifestyle equation: Energy = Food + Fitness + Sleep, especially in the summertime when the days are longer and bedtimes may be later. Aim for seven to eight hours of restful sleep every night. This will help keep you focused and energized to enjoy all the summertime fun on hand! 

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