Have you ever thought about your holiday traditions? Some you’re born into, others arrive through marriage and a few you’ve probably developed on your own. Many of our gift giving, baking and cooking traditions are passed down from generation to generation. Handmade gifts can be the best kind, particularly when they’re edible! You know me, I’ve always said go for quality not quantity. Skip the calorie wallop of uninteresting, processed baked goods and indulge in a few delicious homemade delights! I’m thrilled to have partnered with Rogers Foods for their Holiday Baking with Not Just Oats campaign, with a new ingredient to refresh the tradition of edible holiday gift giving. Who can resist gourmet goodies in festive packages over the holiday season?

Dark Chocolate Espresso Bark

We have teamed up with Kelly Neil, a maritime food stylist and photographer who created this Festive Bark Recipe. We wanted a recipe that was simple and easy to make at this busy time of year, but could also be an attractive, delicious gift. Our friend, Kelly created this delicious recipe of dark chocolate mixed with espresso, dried fruit and…Rogers Porridge Oats & Ancient Grains!  It has a scrumptious crunch from the Rogers’ blend of oats, flaxseeds, oat bran, spelt and quinoa flakes. And you can personalize it by adding your favourite dried fruit medley.


If you have a long gift list, these homemade treats are guaranteed to wow this Christmas season. Very soon, plan the time to make a few batches of this dark chocolate espresso bark with Rogers Porridge Oats & Ancient Grains recipe. Simply place the bark in mason jars, clear cello bags or create your own packages with festive ribbons. It’s the perfect homemade holiday gift that feels extravagant for all your friends and neighbours! That is, if you can stand to part with them!

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Jane Dummer is a registered dietitian and expert in food and nutrition. Jane serves as a
consultant to the food and beverage industry, including Rogers Foods.

Image Credits: Kelly Neil

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