Three Simple Weight Loss Hacks

Three Simple Weight Loss Hacks

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I know by the time spring rolls around, I’m ready to refresh and rejuvenate. We are craving an awakening of the senses after the darker, colder months. And it’s a popular time for people wanting to get back in shape! If you need to shed a few pounds after hunkering down this winter, I’ve got three simple weight loss hacks for you!


Three Simple Weight Loss Hacks - Drink Up


Drink Up

You may feel hungry but you are actually thirsty! The Institute of Medicine recommends this guideline for total fluid intake from all foods and beverages. For men it’s about 13 cups (3 L) and for women it’s about 9 cups (2 L). Hydrate with water, fruits and vegetables to maintain an energized metabolism, sharp memory, stable mood and repair cell membranes. Fill up your water bottle in the morning, at lunch and mid afternoon to avoid eating when you are actually thirsty.


Three Simple Weight Loss Hacks - Get Enough Protein In The Morning


Get Enough Protein In The Morning

Are you a breakfast skipper? If yes – that needs to change! Getting enough protein including eggs, Greek yogurt, nuts and seeds at breakfast. Doing so promotes satiety (feeling full) and will help you from overeating at lunch and supper. Fill up on a balanced breakfast to keep you fuelled and energized throughout the morning, so you can avert the high calorie, low nutrition donuts and muffins on the drive-thru or at the mid-morning meeting.


Three Simple Weight Loss Hacks - Stop The Night Time Eating

Stop The Night Time Eating

You may have developed a winter habit of eating after supper while hanging out on the sofa! That needs to change. Set a time guideline in the evening as a cut-off point and don’t eat past it. For example, don’t eat any additional food after 7:30 pm. Instead drink water or herbal tea. Find fun activities you like to do in the evening, including walking, to shift the habit and distract you from the night time mindless eating.

Final Hacks to Promote Weight Loss

Develop healthy daily coping habits which don’t involve eating.  Dedicate 15 to 30 minutes daily to meditation or yoga and 15 to 30 minutes of daily fitness such as power walking. Let’s do this! Use this popular time and my three simple weight loss hacks to stay on track with your healthy lifestyle this spring and summer.

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