End of The Year Practices

End of The Year Practices

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Do you have end of the year practices personally, professionally, or both? As we continue to navigate our way out of the global pandemic, and I reflect on 2021, I thought it was important to carry on my end of the year practices both personally and professionally. Plus, I celebrated a business milestone this year – 25 years in business. As a result, I want to share with you my top three professional end of the year practices.

Community Giveback

For years at Christmas, we have donated to the local Turkey Drive on behalf of clients and team members. Consequently, families in need can enjoy food during the festive season. In honour of 25 years in business, we have increased this impact and donations for 2021, therefore, more families can enjoy over holidays.

A Year in Review

A custom of mine every calendar year end includes taking inventory on the positive and negative of the year. As I think about 2021, we have had both challenges and opportunities considering the global health crisis. For my business, it’s never been timelier to be a credentialed health professional working with industry from farmers to retailers.

The number one positive for the business this year was celebrating 25 years! I am immensely proud of all the accomplishments in those decades, and I look forward to the next chapter of the business. The top negative or learning moment from this year was that the pandemic’s ramifications continue to confront short and long-term planning and goals. I stopped using the word pivot and now use the word adapt. Similarly, I recommend a mindset that can adjust swiftly. It is beneficial to decision making, mental health and staying positive.

Looking Forward

This is the practice where I sit down with the team and strategize about future business goals. Then implement tactics to achieve them for the coming year. As we continue to advance out of the pandemic, I believe it’s important to look forward with optimism. I continue to set goals; keeping in mind, sometimes big picture plans need to be adapted as evolving global circumstances unfold.

New Website

After the 25-year milestone, we thought a new website was to reflect the next chapter of the business. It will highlight our B2B expertise of Advisory, Business Development, Communication and Research. While focusing on the Agriculture, Food, Health, and Nutrition sectors. Stay tuned for the new website in January 2022.

Grow with Nutrition Blog

We appreciate the continued support of the Grow with Nutrition blog and all its subscribers. The first blog of 2022 is my Trends forecast! Also, starting in January 2022 the Grow with Nutrition blog subscribers will be transferred to the monthly business newsletter. Most importantly, the newsletter includes all the new blogs, plus timely industry news and updates.

Speaking at Bakery Showcase 2022

Bakery Showcase 2022 is Canada’s largest baking industry B2B trade show & conference. I am thrilled to be a featured speaker discussing the Top 5 Trends and Opportunities for Your Bakery on April 11, 2022, in Toronto.

SIAL Canada Health Expert

I look forward to being the Health Expert for the 5th year at SIAL Canada in Montreal from April 20 to 22, 2022. As an expert, I will lead conferences and take part in panel discussions. Also, I’ll be available to meet with industry attendees and discuss the latest industry trends and issues.

End of The Year Practices Final Thoughts

More than ever, I cherish the end of the year practices that emphasize routine, achievement, and optimism. In addition to these top three practices, I want to thank colleagues from the past year who I’ve purposefully connected with during the lockdown and decreased in-person meetings. These special connections have grown and flourished into rock-solid peer relationships. I’m grateful for these people and look forward to continuing these connections in 2022.

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