SIAL Canada 2023 wrap-up

SIAL Canada 2023 wrap-up

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SIAL Canada is an annual business accelerator. Meeting the needs of the retail, food service and food processing sectors for 15 years. The goal of the show is to inspire the agri-food industry and enable companies to better understand the global market and food trends. As a result, it gives businesses the opportunity to develop and sustain their competitiveness. This year the show was held in Toronto at the Enercare Centre from May 9 to 11, 2023. Let’s explore my SIAL Canada 2023 wrap-up.

SIAL Canada Experts and Conferences

Each year, SIAL Canada identifies experts to address specific topics to support business development. I’ve been SIAL Canada’s Health and Wellness expert since 2017. This year, I facilitated two SIAL Conferences. One on upcycling and the other on the blue economy.

Upcycling: waste with a purpose

On May 9th, in a panel format, I was joined by industry leaders Ricardo Martinez, President & Co-founder, Terra Bioindustries Inc. and Omid McDonald, Founder & CEO, Dairy Distillery to discuss their real-life experiences. And share their success stories of using upcycled ingredients to create new products. Today, consumers want to reduce food waste. Upcycled ingredients offer food manufacturers an innovative opportunity to create appealing, often nutritious ingredients and products for the market, while reducing food waste and supporting a circular economy.

The Blue Economy: aquaculture health & wellness

On May 10th, I presented a general overview of the blue economy. I highlighted the opportunities for the sustainable use of ocean resources for economic growth. As well as, I identified ways for our oceans to remain healthy. Additionally, I addressed the consumer trend of healthy for me, healthy for the planet. This included environmentally friendly foods, such as sea vegetables, which were trending at SIAL and were sampled on the show floor.

SIAL exhibitor highlights

Along with my role as the SIAL Canada Health and Wellness expert since 2017, I’m a long-time columnist for Bakers Journal and a guest writer for Food in Canada. Most importantly, SIAL always provides an opportunity to gather insights on trends. I am excited to share the exhibitor highlights that grabbed my attention for my SIAL Canada 2023 wrap-up.

DRAM – adaptogenic sparling waters

There were a variety of beverages at SIAL. These adaptogenic zero sugar, sparling waters stood out for me because of their light carbonation, taste and label design. My favourite flavour is Holy Basil and Lemon. The ingredients are simple – purified carbonated water, glycerine, tulsi (holy basil), lemon peel, passionflower, lemon flower spirit essence, lemon salt. DRAM is from Colorado, USA made in the Colorado Rocky Mountains.

Cows Creamery Moo Crisps

Over the past decade, several oven baked or dehydrated cheese crisps and snacks have launched into the market. COWS Creamery in PEI began making cheese in 2006. The first cheddar was Avonlea Clothbound Cheddar which was awarded World’s Best Vintage Cheddar at the World Cheese Awards. Moo Crisps are an oven baked cheddar cheese (only ingredient) snack they launched in 2022. Being a cheese lover, these Moo Crisps stood out for me based on the strong cheddar flavour, airy – crunchy texture and colour.

Karila – more than a flower

These beautiful chocolate flowers from Estonia caught my attention! Already with distribution in the USA, the company Karila was at SIAL Canada to build awareness and secure distribution in Canada. Their chocolate gifts combine sense of beauty – the flower and delicious flavours – the chocolate. The edible flowers are the perfect present for consuming and not withering (the company’s words). All the chocolate flowers are handmade making each – one of a kind. This is a lovely gift!

Final thoughts – SIAL Canada 2023 wrap-up

I am giving a special mention to Hotel X Toronto for their incredible customer service over the three days I was at SIAL. As a business traveler, their attention to detail is excellent. I highly recommend staying at Hotel X Toronto. And now for my SIAL Canada 2023 wrap-up. SIAL offers the entire agri-food sector from the farm to the retailer the opportunity to showcase their innovative products. Plus, attendees can learn from experts like me about the latest food trends from around the world.

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