Groceryshop 2023 wrap-up

Groceryshop 2023 wrap-up

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Groceryshop 2023 in Las Vegas continues to be one of the best conferences I’ve attended. It’s geared toward senior executives with an incredible line up of discerning, insightful speakers – mainly CEOs. The Groceryshop 2023 program was well thought-out with a daily two-hour lunch (included for all) for eating, networking and walking the exhibit floor, plus the 15-minute Meetups. Social activities including happy hour and the beach party were also planned for the participants. Consequently, there’s lots to cover for my Groceryshop 2023 wrap-up.


The conference highlights the evolution of grocery retailers (supermarkets, mass merchants, convenience stores, drug stores, club/warehouse stores, discount stores and ecommerce players). As well as the rapid changes in the production and distribution of consumer products including fresh and packaged foods and beverages along with beauty, personal care, household and health products. It is an ideal event for a writer gather both B2B and B2C insights. Let’s explore my Groceryshop 2023 wrap-up from keynotes to Meetups.


Groceryshop keynote sessions

The keynote sessions were well organized and valuable. As a result, I really enjoyed the  20-minute format as each speaker was interviewed by another senior level executive. This made the messages interesting, clear and concise. Here are the Groceryshop 2023 keynote sessions that resonated with me.

What’s Next for Kroger and the Grocery Industry with Rodney McMullen, Chairman & CEO, Kruger

  • Recognize the budget-conscious customer and provide options for them like Smart Way™ products for $3.00 or less.
  • Recognize the upscale consumer and provide options for them like pre-cut, pre-packaged fruit, premium wines.
  • Free membership – rewards program builds loyalty with all customers, so they refer to “that is my store” rather than the Kroger on Main St. The program increases day-parts for spending and improves overall customer experience.
  • Retail media is a fast-growing part of the business.

Moments that Matter: Delivering Connected Omnichannel Experiences with JJ Fleeman, CEO, Ahold Delhaize USA

  • Unified commerce is the new term for omnichannel.
    • Unified commerce is when all sales channels exchange product, inventory, order and customer data in real time.
  • Unified commerce connects all your channels (web, mobile, in-store etc) to produce a better customer experience and increase digital data in meaningful and profitable ways for the company.
  • Shrink (theft) continues to be a priority. The use of digital with all partners is providing more solutions for this concern.
  • Retail media is an important part of the business. This model enables brands to boost their visibility on the digital shelf.


Pioneering a New Era for Digitally Native Brands with Heather Wallace CEO, Curology and Katerina Schneider Founder & CEO, Ritual

  • Build a deeper connection with your customer base by providing support including access to health and beauty experts such as telehealth dermatologists.
  • Recognize consumers want data to support their choices. Clinical studies, research and the priority to set new standards in a category.
  • Use podcasts to promote the brand story which creates opportunities to advertise and market.
  • Customers want personalization, recognize this and provide high quality products and experiences for them.


Groceryshop Exhibits

The show is growing. There were two exhibit halls at Groceryshop 2023, compared to only one exhibit hall in 2022. Both exhibit floors had good flows. AI, robots and automation continued to dominate each exhibit hall. Unified commerce was an overarching theme as well. Frictionless interactions and the drive for efficiency, plus optimization of inventory and payment options were the talk among many exhibitors.

Exhibitors were inspiring the attendees with questions like – what do the next generation stores look like with data capture, interactive grocery carts, AI based weight and identification scales, shoppable videos, facial recognition check-outs and retail media? The exhibitors were engaging and knowledgeable. I made interesting and valuable connections that I will stay in contact with.


Groceryshop Meetup sessions

One of the most exciting updates for Groceryshop 2023 was their new meetings program called Meetup. Meetup was open to all attendees. It gave everyone the opportunity to take up to 16, 15-minute double opt-in meetings. The process started on August 14 2023, when I created a profile, selected the attendees I was interested in meeting with, and then opted in to requests from other participants. The Groceryshop 2023 app made this process straightforward.

The meetings were set a week ahead of the live event. I had 10 scheduled meetups with eight transpiring (one was formally cancelled and the other was a no show). All eight meetings provided excellent insights for me as a writer. Consequently, I will stay in contact with the eight attendees and reach out especially when I require their insights for upcoming articles.


Groceryshop 2023 wrap-up final thoughts

This has been a hectic year for me due a death in the family and the transformation based on that situation. Even prior to that point this spring, for 2023 I decided to be specific and particular about the conferences and events I attended. Groceryshop 2023 was at the top of my list of a must-attend event. It did not disappoint.

I’m walking away with inspiring, valuable insights, along with connections made through the Meetup program and exhibits that will support and provide expertise for my writing. From unified commerce and retail media to AI and robots, my brain, notepad and laptop are full of top-notch ideas and expert contacts. And a special mention goes to the delicious food Las Vegas has to offer – especially Kumi Japanese Restaurant & Bar.

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