Entrepreneurial Highlights from FNCE

Entrepreneurial Highlights from FNCE

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Every fall the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics offers the largest North American food and nutrition conference with well over 10,000 attendees! The purpose of the event is to update us on new initiatives, research and programs. Last week the Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo™ (FNCE) was held in Boston and I was inspired by the keynote speakers who shared their entrepreneurial spirits and business journeys.


Real women, real stories, real inspirations!

As a business woman, entrepreneur and dietitian, I am thrilled to share the entrepreneurial highlights from FNCE that resonated with me and I hope they motivate you too. For each speaker, I give you my own personal reason why one of their tactics captivated my attention.

Barbara Corcoran

Who is Barbara?

Barbara Corcoran is a self made millionaire from building the largest residential company in New York City, The Corcoran Group. Corcoran is a brilliant identifier of opportunity and talent that is often invisible to others. As one of the “Sharks” on ABC’s hit TV show Shark Tank, Corcoran has invested in 22 businesses, competing to make deals for all to see, then shepherding them to success. 

Highlights from Barbara’s Keynote- Opening Session

1) I had all my biggest success on the heels of rejection: Don’t dwell on the hit and get up fast after each one.

2) Your team becomes an extension of you. Be careful who you hire. People tend to fit into two categories: The Expanders and the Containers. Make sure you have a mix of each on your team.

Why this one resonated with me:

As a business woman and entrepreneur I gravitate towards the expander – always thinking of a new idea, intrigued by a new innovation or way of creating efficiencies. But I learned very quickly that this “start button” needs to be contained at times for the healthy growth of the business.

3) Fun is necessary for your business. Yes is it Barbara and fun is good for your health too!

Porter Gale

Who is Porter?

Porter Gale is a former VP of Marketing at Virgin America; a world-renowned branding leader and award winning author of Your Network is Your Net Worth. “When we’re authentic, that’s when the magic happens” is Gale’s mantra as an entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in marketing, advertising, and independent filmmaking. 

Highlights from Porter’s Keynote- Closing Session

1) Your network is your net worth. Meet the people who will help you succeed. Cultivate these networks and ask for help.

2) Have a strategic approach to network, be deliberate and research before you ask to get a successful response.

Why this one resonated with me:

This one was very timely for me. As I continue to build my own network, I’m being approached by new entrepreneurs and dietitians. If they haven’t self-educated and researched before they approach me with the ask, I’m not eager to include or engage them in my network and my response is often no.

3) Don’t let the “Nos” stop you, let them accelerate you. Yes Porter – similar to Barbara’s 1), it is important to bounce back and pivot quickly sticking to your goals and vision.

Final Thought

Two years ago I was contacted by Sean Gardner, Businessman, Social Media Marketing Expert and Huffington Post contributor for a column he created – What is Success? Sean contacted 50 Huffington Post contributors to understand what success meant for each of us. The column included men and women from millennials to baby boomers and the answers where different for each of us. I learned from the other 49 people in the Huffington Post article, no matter what success is for you, it’s important to follow your passion, bring your A-game, respect others, be authentic and strategic in achieving your goals. Both Barbara and Porter emphasized this in their keynotes and I continue to be inspired by their entrepreneurial highlights from FNCE.

Share with me what inspires and motivates you as an entrepreneur and business owner!

Boston Public Garden and Washington Photo Credits –  Jane Dummer
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