Let’s Talk Turkey

Many of your favourite holiday foods are stuffed with nutrition. After Christmas dinner, the reason you find yourself slumped on the sofa watching Elf for the third time this season is plain and simple: you overate. Walk away from the table this Christmas feeling satisfied with energy. Plan your meals with nutrition and portion control, allowing [...]

Vitamin D for Healthy Bones
3 years ago

Vitamin D for Healthy Bones

Do you remember a few years ago when a new study about the importance of Vitamin D was published? Vitamin D supplements were flying off of the pharmacy and health food store shelves.  I’m always amazed how an article in the media can influence a population to react.  I wish it was that easy to influence [...]

Building Better Bones Part 2 – Workshop Now in Jan 2011

· Registered Dietitian, Jane Dummer, will expand on her discussion of nutrition from part 1 by introducing the role of calcium and vitamin D enriched foods and supplements in building bone density. · Pilates Instructor, Stephen Filipowicz will build on his Part 1 exercise program by adding resistance to some familiar exercises and some new [...]