Even though this November is warmer and sunnier than usual and most of you are continuing your outside activities and fitness regime with ease, the busy holiday schedule is around the corner, and clients are always asking me how they can slip in extra exercises in 10 minutes. Remember every effort counts! I recommend making the most of the time you have to boost your energy. Let’s explore my favourite three on-the-go fitness activities.

Jump Rope

Shoes-and-jump-rope-Five years ago, when I started boxing once a week, I picked up a jump rope for the first time since I was kid. I wish it was like skipping down memory lane, but this body needed some reminding! Skipping for just 10 minutes can burn well over 135 calories in just 10 minutes. Plus you will tighten and sculpt your shoulders, chest, arms, and legs. You can purchase a jump rope for under $10 and I take it with me when I travel to fit in fun bursts of cardio.

Plank it

No access to a gym, weights or a jump rope? Use what nature has given you—your own body. After 10 years of Pilates with its core strengthening exercises, the plank has forced my abdominals, arms, back, and glutes to stabilize my body. Some days better than others! When I only have 10 minutes, I complete 5 one-minute plank intervals with 5 one minute rest intervals. Start with the traditional forearm blank, then when you are ready add variations like the straight arm plank and side plank.


Take a 10 minute break from your computer, laptop or tablet and walk – fast! Ten minutes of walking three times a day (inside or outside) can lower blood pressure and boost both your mind and body. All you need is a good pair of walking or running shoes. Then it’s as simple as walking before that conference call, over lunch and mid afternoon rather than visiting the vending machine or drive thru!

Final Thoughts

Think you can’t get both the mind and body health benefits from only 10-minutes of exercise? Think again. However, you can never “out exercise” an unhealthy diet. Keep in mind my lifestyle equation for energy, practice healthy eating and good sleep habits, but most of all have fun with the activities you love!