Good nutrition is closely linked to skin health. Skin health consists of cellular, molecular and biochemical events that are affected by the your nutritional state.

As part of your overall skin treatment plan, it is important to assess and organize your nutritional management. There are specific nutrients that enhance and maintain skin health.

A few tips:

  • Good sources of dietary carbohydrates (i.e. barley and oats) and Vitamin C (i.e. citrus fruits, tomatoes and berries) provide the fuel source and aid in the synthesis of favourable collagen formation;
  • High quality protein (lean meat, poultry and fish) assists in cellular growth;
  • Zinc (found in meat, poultry and pumpkin seeds!) is an essential mineral involved in numerous aspects of cellular metabolism and immune function to promote healing and skin protection;
  • Healthy dietary oils found in fish, almond and walnuts strengthen the enzymes to promote the production of collagen from within the body;
  • Antioxidants and water found in fresh fruit and berries keep skin looking great;
  • Water keeps the body and skin hydrated.

And don’t forget about getting enough sleep!