Have you ever wondered why your husband, wife or friend can drink a cup of caffeinated coffee one hour before going to bed and have no trouble falling asleep? And say if you’re like me, when I consume coffee after 1:00 pm in the afternoon, I’m ‘counting sheep’ until 1:00 am trying to fall asleep. The answer might be in your genes…

Researcher and scientists (locally at Uof T, in the US @ Harvard, UC Davis and Kansas State U) are studying the effect foods (and ingredients) have on gene expression. Nutrigenomics is a fast-moving field of research that combines molecular biology, genetics and nutrition to regulate gene expression through specific nutrients. By understanding the roles of specific nutrients and how they might cause diseases, scientists could recommend specific foods for an individual based on his or her genetics.

In July 1997, I was at a conference in Montreal attending Dr. Willet’s session on Nutrigenonics. There was the suggestion that in a short time frame, perhaps 2007, you would go to a genetic counselor or physician who could help you understand your genetic makeup, and then a dietitian/nutritional professional could customize your diet accordingly.

Well, we are not completely there for population health, however, keep you hear to the ground on this subject, because the study and a greater understanding of nutrigenomics will change the future of public health, plus how the food and culinary industries develop and produce products.