The theme for March 2013 is “Best Food Forward: Plan Shop Cook Enjoy” encouraging Canadians to make healthy choices at the grocery store.

Here are five quick and easy grocery store tips for you…

  1. Don’t shop on an empty stomach

Showing up at the grocery store hungry will influence what you buy and may increase your bill by buying things you don’t need.

  1. Shop around the outside

Almost all grocery stores will have produce, dairy, meat and other unprocessed foods around the outside; spend more time there and less time in the middle aisles.

  1. Read labels

Compare the nutrition labels of your products to make sure you are buying the healthiest product possible.

  1. Stock up

Keep an eye on weekly flyers and when kitchen staples go on sale make sure to stock up this will save you tons in the long run.

  1. Swap meals

Have a classic recipe that you love to make? Make a plan with friends to each create a large batch of your favourite healthy meal and then trade so you and your family get to try out some new meals. (Make sure to swap recipes as well).


Celebrate Dietitian’s Day with me!

  • March 20th is declared Dietitian’s Day to celebrate my regulated profession which encourages individuals of all ages and health status to eat healthy and live long, fulfilling lives.
  • Dietitians are an important part of our healthcare system, private practice, food & nutrition companies and media as we translate complex and scientific language into easy to understand information for the public.

How do you become a RD?

  • To become a Registered Dietitian an individual must complete a four year undergraduate University degree that is accredited by Dietitians of Canada. Following the completion of this degree they must complete a post graduate internship and write a qualifying exam. Registered Dietitians must also be members of their provincial regulatory body to ensure that the quality of information provided by RDs is consistent and appropriate.