What does local food mean to you?  Everyone has their own idea and/or definition of what is ‘local’. For example, it could be within your own community or 100 mile radius (which could include another country) or within a province/state or within a country.

What is your definition of local? Some people are very emotional about the topic and some people tend to be a bit more pragmatic. I enjoy local when it is in season. However, keeping in mind the short growing season for some produce in Canada, I do like the option of the availability of California and Florida berries in January to April at the supermarkets. On the other hand, we should be able to source and purchase Canadian grown apples year round.

I’m speaking on May 3 2012 in Guelph, Ontario about a project I managed that focussed on bringing more local foods to the health care facilities in Norfolk County (located in Southern Ontario  near the North Shore of Lake Erie).  Click here for a snapshot of the project.

Check out my YouTube channel to view the Local Foods Recipe Channel.

Do you have a favourite Local Food Recipe for the summer?

Email the recipe to me at info@janedummer.com and  I’ll post a few on my Blog in June.