Weekend Forecast: Another hot and humid one. I’ve been getting questions about hydration during the summer, especially when it is above 28 C with humidity. The body is made up of 60 to 70 percent water. So you need to consume fluids on a regular basis to maintain good health. It is important to keep active and as the heat and humidity intensifies, so does our need to rehydrate, particulary during activity and sports.


  • Keep water and cool beverages such as pure fruit juices on hand at all times (before, during and after activity);
  • Make sure you are hydrated going into the activities (non caffeinated beverages are preferred);
  • Have fresh fruit, such as peaches, bananas and/or orange slices before, during and after activity, along with the water;
  • Children and elderly can be more vulnerable for dehydration- make sure they consume enough fluids. Children will consume more, if they like the flavour of the beverage.

Keep moving, keep hydrated and enjoy the summer!