It’s that time of year again when food and nutrition trends are making headlines. We are getting predictions from culinary experts to food bloggers to journalists as they create their top 10 lists to forecast what’s hot for 2015. Food trends have always been an important (and fun!) aspect of my business. Let’s explore my favourite three food trends for 2015.

Fermented Foods

What is your gut instinct telling you about fermented foods? Do you need more information? If yes, you’re not alone. I’ve been working with and writing about fermented foods for a few years, and it seems 2015 is the year of heightened interest.

  • Dating back to the Egyptians with records of both beer and bread making, fermented foods are among humanity’s oldest attempts to preserve food. Japanese and Koreans have always included a variety of fermented foods such as miso and kimchi on their menus.
  • Today, there’s a resurgence of fermentation in Canada, UK and USA and it’s all about creating new, tastier foods with surprising health benefits. Fermented foods, ranging from sauerkraut to yogurt to vinegars are increasingly being seen with benefits from digestive health to immune health.

Savoury Yogurt

Traditionally sweet, fruit-flavoured yogurts have been the go-to in the dairy aisle, now in 2015 it’s expected that new lines of yogurts with ingredients like beets, carrots, cinnamon, hot peppers and parsnips (a 2015 trending vegetable!) will take up more shelf space at the grocery store.

  • This is a logical next step now that yogurt is an everyday food in the USA and Canada. Plus, we have observed the purchasing habits of consumers over the past three year with the increase demand for Greek yogurts which demonstrates this category is open to more new ideas.
  • As you know I have more of a savoury tooth than a sweet tooth, so I welcome these new options where I can get protein, calcium, extra vitamins and minerals and a taste of basil pesto in one spoonful.

Ugly Vegetables

Kitchen Daily predicts the ugly produce trend will help curb food waste. Consumers are increasingly aware that imperfect-looking produce still tastes perfectly good. However, most retailers are still requiring vegetables with certain “perfect” visual specifications. The idea is that not only farmers markets but retailers will be selling ugly vegetables as options for consumers.

  • Reducing food waste is becoming a social issue that many have embraced, and consumers will be more willing to use the misshapen and ugly-looking vegetables for purees, soups and casseroles.
  • Food trenders including myself suggest ugly root vegetables, such as kohlrabi, celery root and parsnips, will be replacing basic white potatoes in many dishes as people yearn for different flavours and textures.

Jane & AOI Sept 2014

Can’t get enough of food trends for 2015? Here are some more of my favourite food trends continuing into 2015! Keep your eyes on: Cauliflower, Matcha Green Tea, Seaweed, Turmeric and Whole Grains.

Let me know which food trends you’re adding to your menu this year!