July 30, 2011 is Food Day in Canada, and what a better day to celebrate the fantastic food brought to us by the farm families and food processors from across this amazing country. It is a celebration of Canadian culinary taking place from coast to coast.

Anita Stewart is a culinary adventurer from Elora, Ontario. Stewart renamed The World’s Longest Barbeque to Food Day Canada. The idea is for Canadians to celebrate and focus on local, Canadian foods at home and at restaurants.

  • Food Day Canada has also partnered with Parks Canada, which is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year.
  • Restaurants ranging from large to mom & pops will have local fare for their customers on July 30th and some establishments offer the food during the week leading up to and including July 30th.
  • And Fort Wellington National Historic Site in Ontario will also take part and serve up Canadian-grown fare!
  • There are no shortage of Canadian ingredients and foods to celebrate with throughout the day. My favourites include bbq’d ribs, peaches, cabbage, sour cherries, turkey and red lentils.
  • Check out the Food Day Canada website for some great recipes http://foodday.ca/

Now, what are your food plans for July 30th? I recommend trying a food grown in Canada, which you haven’t eaten prior to reading my blog – Quinoa or Edamame anyone?