As your partner with food and nutrition expertise, Jane and her team will work with you to create, focused, innovative pod to plate solutions to meet your organization’s needs.

Consulting IndustryProduct and Program Strategy

Do you want to increase sales and grow relationships from the pod to the plate? Jane and her team will partner with you to develop new products, programs and strategies to meet your needs.

Project Management

Jane and her team will partner with you to write government proposals and lead food and nutrition projects with quality on-time and on-budget success.


Jane was part of the Innovation Guelph Mentor Team for over two years. Today, Jane coaches individuals, and SMEs in food, health and nutrition sectors to innovate, grow and succeed in the better-for-you marketplace.


Are you looking for realistic, valuable and applicable information for your organization to make informed decisions? Jane and her team will use their pod to plate knowledge and expertise to provide you with industry research including white papers and primary research based on interviews with top industry leaders. Giving you the necessary tools and tactics to support and grow your business.

Training and Tradeshow Best Practices

Do you want to expand your market? Are you exhibiting at a tradeshow or launching a new product? Jane and her team will facilitate customized workshops and training for you and your staff to provide clarity, direction and strategic tactics to support this step to grow your business.