Bakers Journal

Jane has been sharing her knowledge of nutrition and food with our readers for our Final Proof column since 2008. Her insights are always interesting and entertaining. She has a great ability to engage us with each and every column.
     – Laura Aiken, Editor, Bakers Journal, Annex Business Media

Bioenterprise Corporation

Jane has been a resource for Bioenterprise for over four years. Jane’s vast knowledge of both the nutrition and agri-food industries and her adaptable approach makes her a valuable member of our external consulting team.
     – John Pickard, Bioenterprise Corporation

Canadian Foundation for Dietetic Research

Jane’s expertise and understanding of the science of nutrition and dietetic practice were apparent with her contribution as a member of CFDR’s Scientific Review Committee, which assesses grant applications.  We also worked with Jane as a presenter at our Annual Research Breakfast; here, her knowledge of the food industry and her resourceful approach to nutrition was clear.  As well, she was an engaging and enthusiastic presenter.
     – Isla Horvath, Executive Director, Canadian Foundation for Dietetic Research

Dairy Farmers of Canada

We have partnered with Jane for media relation campaigns including print and radio.  Jane’s knowledge and fresh approach to translating nutritional science into easy to understand consumer messages was evident. Working with Jane proved to be a great addition to our team.
     – Solange Heisse – Assistant Director, Marketing and Nutrition Communications, Dairy Farmers of Canada

Danone Canada

I have worked with Jane since 2004. She was a member of our Scientific Advisory Board and provided us with meaningful support. Jane continues to partner with us for medical conferences sharing her passion for nutrition with other health professionals. I enjoy greatly working beside Jane, she is certainly a well respected dietitian.
     – Manon Cormier, RD – Director, Health AffairsDanone Canada

Dare Foods

With Jane’s extensive knowledge of nutrition, plus her understanding of the food value chain, it is a pleasure to work with her.  We have been utilizing Jane’s business services for over four years from consumer communications to customized, nutrition projects.  Jane’s professional manner, passion for nutrition and versatile approach makes partnering with her an enjoyable and valuable experience.
     – Aubrey Williams, Senior Director Research & Development and Technical Services, Dare Foods

Dr. Oetker Limited

Dr. Oetker has worked with Jane’s company on several projects and her work is excellent. At the beginning of the project the objectives are very clear and she wants to ensure the outcomes are what you anticipate them to be. In all cases, her work surpassed our expectations and was presented to us in a very clear, professional format making it easy to understand the conclusions. She has an excellent understanding of the industry and is a highly respected consultant who is credible with our customers. She understands how to work with a manufacturer on a problem and assist us with coming up with a solution. Dr. Oetker will be using her services in the future and would recommend her company to others to help them solve business problems and assist with opportunities for growth.
     – Dave W.F. Spragge – Vice President Food Service North AmericaDr. Oetker Canada Ltd.

Gordon Food Service (GFS) Canada

Gordon Food Service (GFS) Canada has worked with Jane’s company on several projects in the area of food safety and HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point). She has developed and trained our distribution centre employees on food safety practices with excellent participant feedback. She has a great understanding of the adult learning principles and is versed in all sectors food industry (from the farm to the consumer). Her projects are delivered on time and on budget with high quality results.
     – Doug Pepper – HACCP, Health and Safety CoordinatorGordon Food Service Canada

Pro Health Group

Our workplace wellness clients praise Jane’s ability to take nutrition information and explain it in easy to remember and practical tips.  We have great confidence in Jane’s professionalism when she is representing Pro Health Group at the worksite events.  Jane’s passion for healthy nutrition and health promotion is apparent in her engaging manner and common sense approach.  We look forward to continued work with Jane.
     – Eve Bechard, P. Dt., Coordinator Onsite Strategies, Pro Health Group