Fall is a favourite, fresh time of year. It starts many firsts including a new school calendar usually after a fun filled summer. It is a time to refresh your wardrobe and that includes your kitchen cupboards with the delicious autumn harvest foods. I want to share with you the first of three posts in my Fall Harvest 2013 series. It is
Favourite Autumn Fruits – enjoy, it is scrumptious! 

Apples, cranberries and pears oh my! How fun is it to go apple picking, to check out the cranberry festival and to have pear slices with creamy gorgonzola cheese? Let the fun begin with apples….


  • Five years ago, I was told by an agriculture specialist in Guelph that there are over 125 varieties of apples grown in Canada. Wow that is a great number of apples in this country. Obviously, not all make it to the farmer’s markets or the produce sections at the grocery store.
  • Every fall, I love making apple crumble with mutsu and honeycrisp apples. I make extra and give them away as food gifts. I always use red delicious for my on-camera media appearances because they are very photogenic. Do you pick apples at a favourite farm every Fall?

Apple Nutrition

  • An apple a day keeps the doctor away…Well it couldn’t hurt as apples are a good source of vitamin C and fibre. We are finding out that apples are full of polyphenols which act as antioxidants. Most of the antioxidants are in the skins of the apple – so eat the whole fruit. What about that delicious apple cider? Enjoy it in moderation and make sure it is pasteurized and unsweetened.


  • Fall is an exciting time of year when the cranberry harvest takes place. The berries are such a deep red color at that time. To harvest the cranberries, the bogs (or beds) are flooded with six to eight inches of water above the vines. A harvester is driven through the beds to remove the fruit from the vines.
  • Harvested cranberries float in the water and can be corralled into a corner of the bed and conveyed or pumped from the bed. This is the most labour intensive part of the cranberry harvest. The berries are removed from the water, loaded into wagons and taken away to be dried and sorted by hand prior to packaging or processing.
  • I like adding cranberries and almonds to plain Greek yogurt – yum! The Bala Cranberry Festival is held the weekend after Thanksgiving every year. It is on my Ontario farm to do list!
Cranberry Nutrition
  • Cranberries a day keeps the UTI (urinary tract infections) away. In many studies, the UTI-preventing benefits of cranberries are somewhat modest and limited to women who have recurrent UTIs. It is the unusual nature of their proanthocyanidins that is related to prevention of UTIs. These nutrient powered jewels are a good source of vitamin C, dietary fibre, manganese and vitamin K.


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Share your favourite Fall Fruit Recipe with me!