Happy New Year! I hope everyone had the opportunity to relax and rejuvenate over the past few weeks.

Before the holidays, I worked with a professional organizer to de-clutter my office. It was a great experience. The de-cluttering has had a domino effect on other rooms and areas of my life. I’m on a de-cluttering roll and I feel organized and less stressed.

I want to share with you 5 straight forward tips to approach your nutrition and fitness strategy for 2013, keeping in mind the mantra de-clutter, organize and simplify.

  1. Start with small changes – Set reasonable, action orientated goals. It is okay to say I want to start running again in 2013, but how, where and when are you going to do it.
  2. Seek out or create a supportive environment- Identify the people in your life that support you in your quest to achieve your goals and seek support from them. Or create new environments; for example, join a walking clinic where you’ll meet people with similar goals and habits.Check out your kitchen to identify any areas that do (and do not) support your nutrition goals.  De-clutter, organize and simplify! Do you have what you need to reach your fitness goals? If not, decide what you like to do and if you want to try some new activities to achieve your goal. Are you new to an exercise strategy? Then a pair of running shoes, a hula hoop, some hand weights and jump rope are great, inexpensive items to start with. Access a Registered Dietitan (RD) to assist you with your nutrition strategy. Most third party insurance and benefit plans offer coverage. Ask your Human Resources Department to implement a workplace wellness program with a RD as part of the team.
  3. Create daily actions and habits- Action and habits will keep your strategy in play. Schedule time for both your nutrition and fitness activities and within one month, it will be part of your daily lifestyle.
  4. Record your progress – Statistics show that if you write your goals, then put an action plan in place, you will have a greater chance of achieving them. I recommend recording your progress on a weekly basis. Identify a day and time and commit to 10 minutes for this action.
  5. Repeat tips 1 to 4 and enjoy the journey. De-clutter, organize and simplify. I’d like to share a recent fitness experience with you. Two years ago, as part of my fitness strategy, I started boxing. To my surprise, I really enjoyed it, plus my fitness, energy and concentration level improved more than I ever expected. Because it is such an intense workout, it has simplified my fitness strategy, giving me more time to organize other parts of my life with new found energy and strength.

I’m looking forward to another interesting and exciting year of sharing my Grow with Nutrition Blog food, nutrition and health posts with you. You are welcome to subscribe to my Blog and I’m always happy to hear your feed back!