Workplace wellness has been part of my business services for over 10 years. And I have to admit, the excitement never goes away when a client not only reaches her weight loss goal but explains how she understands that nutrition and fitness are part of her lifestyle and that her overeating was related to a variety of factors in her life and none of those factors included gluten!

The theme for Nutrition Month 2015 is “Eating 9 to 5”. Dietitians of Canada explain, “According to an Ipsos Reid poll conducted, 45% of Canadians struggle with making healthy choices for snacks and meals during a regular work day.” Let’s explore my practical tips based on this year’s theme to keep you in great shape all day long!

My Top 3 Food and Nutrition Tips for the Work Day

1.  Plan for breakfast

Good nutrition in the morning is very important for getting through the day. Research shows that the benefits of eating breakfast include healthy weight maintenance and improved appetite control. Often we wake up late and have to throw ourselves together, pack up the kids, and run out the door. This makes it difficult to ensure we are getting enough nutritious food to start the day energized. To avoid the morning rush make sure you plan ahead. Here are two ideas: 1) bake some nutritious bars and freeze them for grab and go with a piece of fruit and yogurt cup, and 2) make some over-night barley for a quick hot cereal with your favourite berries on those early mornings.

2.  Healthy Options in Meetings

Have you ever been in a meeting and the snacks were a dozen donuts and muffins from Tim Hortons? It was very typical a decade ago and that’s when Timmy’s was still using trans fat! Fast forward 10 years later and now I’m observing big improvements at meetings, including fruit and veggie trays, yogurts and healthier sandwich options. If your manager always wants to order the double pepperoni 2 for 1 pizzas, I suggest that you recommend to him/her alternatives including more nutritious sandwiches and wraps; other food options loaded with veggies (that could include pizza!) and fruit trays not just cookie trays!

3.  Combating the Midday Slump

Everyday around 3 o’clock do you reach the midday slump? It is common at that time of day to lose concentration, start to get tired, and stop being productive. A great way to combat the midday slump is to eat an energy boosting snack. Also, stand up and move, that will wake the brain up and help you to focus. Remember when you are choosing an afternoon snack, make sure it has carbohydrates, fibre, and protein to provide enough energy for you to make it to dinner time without raiding the office vending machine. What does that snack look like? Here are two options: 1) 125 ml ( ½ cup) of plain 2% Greek yogurt, 23 almonds and a small piece (one ounce) of dark chocolate or 2) half a chicken sandwich on whole grain bread and ½ a banana. And drink water to stay hydrated!

I’m thrilled companies are connecting to hire my business team to assist in making their workplace wellness programs a success. Eating at work can be easy and quick, it just takes a bit of planning. For more information about my company’s programs including a Dietitian on-site, the Lunch and Learn Series and the Cafeteria Refresh email us at