Good nutrition is essential for your child to have a great day at school. Packing a bag lunch is one way to ensure that your child will have a nutritious mid-day meal, and even a healthy snack or two. Sandwiches are a popular choice for a school lunch. Be mindful of food safety, remember that meats, dairy products, and eggs are perishable, so be sure to use a freezer pack (or a frozen juice box) to keep them cold.

Sandwich Tips:

  • Choose whole grain bread, wraps, or pitas
  • Use turkey, lean roast beef, or chicken, preferably the whole muscle meat left over from last night’s dinner–with light mayonnaise, mustard, and a slice of cheese
  • Add tomato, dark leafy lettuce and sliced cucumbers for extra veggies on the sandwich

Fruit and Veggies Tips:

  • Slice an apple or orange for ease of eating
  • If time permits make a fruit salad with grapes, strawberries and blueberries
  • Add dried fruit, like raisins, dried cranberries or banana chips
  • Include baby carrots with a small container of vegetable dip
  • Send along crunchy raw green beans with a small container dip

Dairy and Beverages Tips:

  • Add a prepackaged, flavored low-fat yogurt or yogurt drink
  • Include 100 percent pure juice, not from concentrate or milk in a clean reusable drink bottle
  • Send cheese sticks (good source of calcium) for a snack or with the sandwich

Set aside 5 minutes the night before to prepare the items for the lunch for easy assembly the next morning!

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