Joisse Bailey is Grow with Nutrition’s second guest blogger this summer. Joisse is sharing her passion for food and cleaning in this post with 3 practical food safety tips. Keep them top of mind as you plan your summer outings!

With the dog days of summer upon us, everyone is searching for successful ways to cope with the heat. As the temperature rises, it is time to think about Food Safety!

Our Top 3 Food Safety Tips for the Summer:

On ice tray1.  Chilling

Transporting chilled food from the grocery store or from your refrigerator is a key priority in the summer. When transporting in your car, we recommend ice packs and coolers to deliver the chilled food at the right temperatures. Keep chilled foods out of the summer heat and sun. If you’re at a picnic or on the patio arrange the food on plates, platters or in bowls then place them on crushed iced to keep them chilling.

2.  Fruit and Vegetables

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy many fruits and vegetables. As soon as you pick or purchase the fruit and vegetables, clean them carefully. Wash them with running water and scrub them with a clean brush to remove all dirt and debris. Dry off the excess water with a clean paper towel. Now they are ready for you to enjoy or to pack for that summer picnic!

3.  The Shopping Bags

When it comes to shopping bags in the summer, choose insulated bags that will protect the food from the sunlight and keep food at a cool temperature. This will reduce the chances of it spoiling before you put it in the fridge. Remember these bags need to be washed on a regular basis to avoid build up of food debris, bad bacteria and to avoid cross contamination.

Jossie BaileyDuring the summer take the extra precautions to keep your food chilled, your veggies washed and your shopping bags clean. These simple tips will keep your food safe and have you enjoying all the summer bbqs, picnics and patio dining!

This blog was written for Grow with Nutrition by Joisse Bailey, owner of Acton Professional Clean in London, UK. Joisse loves to write and share her experiences about foods, healthy living and cleaning.