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Five Fantastic Foods to Nourish your Noggin

I always promote my triple reality energy equation = food + fitness + sleep for brain and body health. Last week in Canada it was recognized as mental health week. As part of maintaining a healthy brain we need to nourish it with optimal, premium fuel. In my video Nourish your Noggin I recommend quinoa, walnuts and salmon as brain food. Now I’m sharing with you five more of my favourite foods to add to the nourish your noggin list! Barley Barley is a home grown low glycemic, high fibre whole grain that fuels your brain with premium energy. Eat it for breakfast like oatmeal, make into a tabbouleh and mix it with mushrooms as a side dish with salmon. Check out my Barley Balance Blog for more ideas. Berries Berries are full of antioxidants. Research about blueberries suggest they may be effective in improving or delaying short term memory loss. Fresh, frozen and dried – you can enjoy berries year round on oatmeal, in smoothies and on salads. Cocoa Cocoa has theobromine in it, which can increase alertness and energy. This is a welcomed thought for me around 3 pm in the afternoon! I eat a small square of cocoa … Continue reading

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Five Heart Healthy Foods

Welcome to my third post for heart month. February is a declared Heart Health month by the Heart and Stroke Foundation, the American Heart Association and other health institutions. The purpose is to raise awareness about heart disease and stroke, the silent killer, which takes the lives of one in three Canadians. In 2012, over 85,000 Canadians volunteered their time to this cause in hopes of helping to improve the health of their fellow Canadians. Today, 90% of Canadians have at least one risk factor for heart disease and stroke. One of the leading lifestyle risk factors for heart disease we can control includes our food choices. We can make wise decisions about both the quality and quantity of food we consume daily. In addition to cocoa (my second post for heart month) here are my top five heart healthy foods to include in your weekly meal plan. Five Foods for Heart Health Bananas Bananas have two heart healthy ingredients, fibre and potassium. One banana has 422 mg of potassium. This helps maintain normal heart function and the balance of sodium and water in the body. Potassium assist the kidneys to excrete excess sodium, thereby contributing to healthy blood pressure. Elevated blood pressure is a known … Continue reading

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Blueberries – stay true blue

If you have heard my presentation about Superfoods for Health, you will recall that I love blueberries for many reasons. Nutrition aside, I’m intrigued with the small but mighty berries that are one of a few natural blue foods grown in the world. With the games in London over the next week, doesn’t this Union Jack Cake look delicious and fun to have at your Olympic theme party over the long weekend. The recipe can be found at STYLENEST.  Just remember to exercise (like an Olympian, if you have the fever) to balance out this delicious indulgent. As a dietitian, I'm asked the question “go big or go wild?” Hmmm, well, when it comes to blueberries, I eat a variety of fresh and frozen highbush and wild blueberries (both grown in Canada) for breakfast, as snacks and as an ingredient in different recipes throughout the year.   Quick Blueberry Facts The blueberry is one of a small number of fruits native to North America. The original North Americans smoked wild blueberries to preserve them for the winter. Vaccinium is the family of all blueberries and includes more than 450 plants. This plant grows wild around the world and there are many names given to … Continue reading

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Hydrating in the Summer Heat

The warm weather gives us thoughts of fun outdoor activities, late night BBQs and sipping a tall glass of fresh lemonade. Hydration is important all year round, especially in warm weather because being hydrated keeps the body from overheating. When you exercise, your muscles generate heat. To keep from burning up, your body needs to get rid of that heat. The main way the body discards heat in warm weather is through sweat. As sweat evaporates, it cools the tissues beneath. Sweating reduces the body's water level, and this loss of fluid affects normal bodily functions.  Our fluid bodies The human body contains about 60% water. And the more muscular and younger you are, the more water your body contains. The brain, lungs, heart, liver and kidneys all contain water, about 65-85%, and the bones contain about 31%!   Water has many crucial roles: It keeps your blood pressure normal It protects and cushion your joints and organs It controls your body temperature It is important for the digestion and absorption of nutrients  What are our fluid needs? Research is demonstrating that fluid needs vary by person, types of exercise, and the duration of exercise. It is important to drink more … Continue reading

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Strawberries – the wonderful, heart shaped fruit

Nothing smells more like summer than fresh strawberries. This sweet, sweet berry is not only rich in vitamin C and fibre; it has the celebrity status of the produce world!  Strawberry Facts Did you know strawberries are a member of the rose family? Strawberry first had the name strewberry, its name was changed to strawberry after farmers used to bring them to market on beds of straw. Strawberries are the only fruit with their seeds on the outside skin and each strawberry has up to 200 seeds. These ruby red, heart shaped fruits have long been associated with love and romance. In Belgium, there is a museum dedicated to strawberries The Strawberry Museum is located in a park. It presents its visitors with five exhibition rooms dedicated to the local history and strawberry growing. If you’re a child of the 1980’s (especially a female) you’ll remember the character Strawberry Shortcake and her cat Custard. There were many related products, such as clothing, dolls, and sticker albums (the scratch and sniff stickers were my favourite). Where are they grown? The strawberry was originally grown in northern Europe, now they are grown in many countries such as: Mexico, Chile, Canada, and the United … Continue reading

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